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"Cozy feelings"

Home - it is love, it is harmony and family.

Coziness it is feel of satisfaction. It includes the warmth, comfort, design - it is so cozy that it seems that our home is living together with us. Space we are living constantly, is blessed, its design is like depiction of our internal world, a sense of taste, the experience of life, temperament and the attitude towards the external life. Each design as well as each person is unique, but everyone wants to look elegant and attractive.

"A working heat"

A working place - great and friendly colleagues, order, light, practical design! Working place should be ascetic, because all unnecessary things sidetrack the attention from work.

Knowledge, experience, knowing management and colleagues' support describes a good job, however essential are also the arrangement of the premise, the practicalness and rationality of furniture.

"Have a nice rest!"

Restaurant, tavern, pub - atmosphere, a lot of interesting people, good music, good service, attractive design.

Usually people are visiting their most favorite resting-places. It is not enough with the tasty dishes and a good barman - the tasteful interior is also needed to awake the visitors' interest to come here again and again...


We would like to see you at the object to get introduced with the environment and your intentions. Getting acquainted with you, your style of life and your desires, we will offer free versions of drafts. If there will be any draft acceptable for you, it will become as the base in the project of design. We are waiting for your call...